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DHL Gets 60% of Electricity from Renewables

September 3, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

DHL energy manageDelivery company Deutsche Post DHL says more than 60 percent of its global electricity demand is now generated from renewable sources. Over the past two years, the company increased its green electricity share from 42 percent in 2012 to over 60 percent by 2014.

On the basis of market availability of renewables and economic considerations, DHF focuses on the regions of Europe and North America. For example, in Germany, the United States, Great Britain, Ireland and France, the company uses green electricity for over 90 percent of its business.

Via its GoGreen program, the company implements energy efficiency technologies as well.

In line with European and German legislation, Deutsche Post DHL mainly uses GoOs (Guarantees of Origin) or RECS certificates (Renewable Energy Certificate System).

In the future, the company aims to further expand its green electricity in more regions, including Asia Pacific, provided the required conditions are met.

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