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Diageo Purchases Natural Gas Sourced from Landfill

July 28, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Bullfrog energy manageDiageo, a wine, beer and spirits company, expanded its commitment to purchase natural gas in Canada from Bullfrog Power. Diageo extended its existing commitment to purchase natural gas for its Gimli, Manitoba, facility and will also now purchase natural gas for its Valleyfield, Quebec, location. Both facilities are committed through 2016.

Sourced from a methane-capture project situated on a landfill site, Bullfrog Power captures the biogas, cleans it, and injects it onto Canada’s national natural gas pipeline.

Through it agreements with Diageo, Bullfrog Power’s producers will inject natural gas onto the Canadian natural gas pipeline system to match the amount of natural gas that Diageo’s Gimli and Valleyfield sites use.

Diageo began purchasing natural gas from Bullfrog Power for its Gimli facility in 2013. The Gimli site is Diageo North America’s largest distillery and the home of Canada’s Crown Royal Whiskey. The Valleyfield site distills and bottles a range of other Diageo brands.

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