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Direct Energy, Nest Offer Thermostat, Rate Plans in More States

September 2, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Direct Energy ManageThrough its partnership with Nest, Direct Energy will be extending its Comfort & Control Plan to natural gas customers in Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. The Comfort & Control Plan includes a Nest Learning Thermostat at no cost. In addition, starting in early September, natural gas customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as electric customers in Connecticut, Maryland, and Washington, District of Columbia, will be eligible for the plan from Direct Energy.

The offer provides customers a combination of a fixed energy rate combined with the potential HVAC energy savings from a Nest Learning Thermostat.

As a Nest partner, Direct Energy said it is committed to bringing the Nest Learning Thermostat to key competitive markets in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Canada.

In July, Direct Energy and Nest launched the Back to Business Plan to small businesses across Illinois, New Jersey, New York (except the Con Edison service area), Ohio and Pennsylvania. Direct Energy is the first retail electric company to join Nest in marketing the Nest thermostat to small businesses.

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