DoE Funding Electric Motor Research

March 11, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

doe2The U. S. Department of Energy is making as much as $25 million in funding available for applied research and development into energy-efficient electric motors during the next half decade.

The press release points out that about 70 percent of electricity used by manufacturers in the United States is consumed by electric motors and that about one-quarter of all electricity used in the country goes to these devices. The Next Generation of Electric Machines: Enabling Technologies program will choose eight to 12 projects. The goal is to find avenues of research that will cost-effectively enhance efficiency, reduce weight while bypassing limitations of current components currently used in motors.

Last fall, the DOE said it is granting $6.7 million for a project aimed to reduce energy use in industrial motors. The research was to be carried out at Clemson University. TECO-Westinghouse Motors and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute also are involved.

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