DOE Offers Best Practices Toolkit

April 11, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

doe2The U.S. Department of Energy recently published a toolkit developed by the Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator in partnership with 18 cities and utilities. The DoE says that “Energy Data Access: Blueprint for Action Toolkit” provides best practices adopted by cites and utilities to help building owners “measure and track energy use, and benchmark the energy performance of their buildings,” according to the press release.

The toolkit offers advice on developing whole building data access solutions; a stakeholder’s engagement strategy guide; a guide to data access and utility consumer confidentiality and other features.

The press release says that the toolkit is the result of a two-year partnership. The best practices described could impact more than 2.6 million commercial customers nationwide by next year.

The DOE’s Building Energy Asset Score is a way in which energy managers can get a read on issues and challenges in their buildings for free without an expensive commercial assessment. Two DOE has released two versions of the scorecard.

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