DOE Provides Energy-Related Small Business Grants

June 26, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

DOE Energy ManageThe US Department of Energy Office of Science has awarded four Small Business Innovation Research grants targeting advances in solid-state lighting (SSL) and building-integrated heat and moisture exchange technology to the following recipients:

  1. VoltServer for Low-Cost, High Efficiency Integration of SSL and Building Controls using a PET Power Distribution System. This Phase II project will demonstrate an approach to reducing the cost of SSL ownership by 35 percent by simultaneously reducing installation cost, energy use and lamp replacement.
  2. MoJo Labs for Daylighting Digital Dimmer. This Phase II project will refine and expand on the SSL control architecture that was successfully demonstrated during Phase I to produce a commercial product that provides light intensity control at the task location without sensing the light level at the same location.
  3. OLEDWorks for Pedestrian Friendly Outdoor Light with Solar Panel. This Phase I feasibility and initial product design study will investigate the potential impact OLED panels might have on color rendering, luminance level, design, light control and pedestrian perception and comfort.
  4. Architectural Applications for Building-Integrated Heat & Moisture Exchange – Engineering Development and Field Demonstration. The project seeks to develop low-cost manufacturing techniques, exchanger architectures and assembly sequences to manufacture a large-scale, membrane-based heat- and moisture-exchanger at costs enabling broad market adoption.

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