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DTE Energy Expands Agricultural Energy-Efficiency Incentives

January 16, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

DTE Energy added 20 new agricultural energy-efficiency incentives under its Commercial Energy-Efficiency Incentive Program.

Members of Michigan’s agricultural community now can apply for cash incentives that will help pay for equipment upgrades and lower their monthly operating expenses. These incentives are available to both commercial and residential rate-code agriculture customers.

DTE created incentives for those energy-efficiency measures that are among the most commonly found on Michigan crop and dairy farms and in commercial greenhouses. The incentives are for equipment including irrigation systems, refrigeration, grain dryers and those for greenhouses and dairy operations.

Over the past several years, DTE Energy worked with Lawrence Tech University to identify opportunities for efficiency improvement.

The Energy Efficiency Program for Business was launched in 2009 to help DTE Energy business customers save energy. Customers can earn incentives if they make improvements from a list of qualified efficiency upgrades for both gas and electric technologies, including energy-efficient lighting, drives, controls, heating ventilation and air conditioning.


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