DTEC Wins Contract for Chilled Water Plant Operations at Bahamian Resort

August 7, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

DTEC Plant Services has won a five-year contract to manage the maintenance and operation of the chilled water plant and emergency backup generator, which will provide cooling of air conditioning systems for the entire Baha Mar Resort property in the Bahamas.

DTEC will manage the facility, which will provide 9,800 tons of chilled water for the entire site. The company will also manage emergency power generation in the event there is an interruption of electric service from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation. Additionally, DTEC will manage the extraction and injection wells that support the production of the chilled water.

DTEC’s parent company DCO Energy will also join the team investigating the possible application of a Seawater District Cooling System at Baha Mar.

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