Eaton Automatic Transfer Switch Provides Power Redundancy in Data Centers

May 27, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

eATSEaton introduced a new rack automatic transfer switch – the eATS30 Monitored platform for data centers in North and South America. Designed to switch non-phase alternating current (AC) power sources in the event of a power failure, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) is designed to allow for consistently resilient uptime for equipment with a single power supply.

The new eATS30 features a network communication card that alerts data center managers in the event of a power drop, while also providing the intelligence to sense the proper conditions and initiate a transfer and retransfer of the switch to keep devices working properly.

In the case of a power outage, the eATS30 is designed to automatically transfer power from the primary source to a secondary source to allow for continuous uptime.

The eATS30 delivers a 10-millisecond transfer time to allow power supplies to stay on during transfer. According to Eaton, it is increasingly common to find single power supplies on IT equipment, which becomes a single point of failure when power is interrupted. The eATS30 adds dual source redundancy or acts as a UPS maintenance bypass, offering a way to maintain power to the equipment.

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