Eaton Solar Inverter Certified to Operate at 98.5% Efficiency

July 10, 2014 By Karen Henry

inverterstationp-energy-manageThe California Energy Commission (CEC) has certified the Eaton Power Xpert Solar 1670-kW inverter to operate at 98.5 percent efficiency.

The Power Xpert Solar inverter enables a skidless inverter station designed to reduce equipment requirements and installation costs. The inverter and transformer are connected through a direct-coupled throat connection that is engineered to boost system electrical efficiency and reduce cable requirements, pad size and commissioning time.

The inverter is designed and tested to meet the UL 1741 standard for reliable connection to the utility grid, is outdoor-rated and features a wide maximum power point rracking (MPPT) voltage range. A proprietary Eaton control strategy and optimized filter design optimizes the inverter efficiency, while the wide MPPT voltage range maximizes inverter operation time to boost energy harvest.

The Power Xpert Solar inverter can also provide a ±0.91 power factor range without power de-rating. This technology is engineered to help developers and designers eliminate or reduce the amount of equipment required to provide power factor and reactive power (VAR) support. A fault-tolerant design helps to minimize downtime and maximize plant availability.

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