Eco-Shift Joins Sharp on High Bay LED Technologies

August 6, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Canada-based Eco-Shift Power executed a letter of intent with Sharp Manufacturing Company of America to collaborate on technology and marketing strategies for the North American high bay LED market.

The companies may integrate Eco-Shift’s light management system and virtual power plant platform with Sharp’s lighting technology offered through its design team and manufacturing capabilities. The companies say wirelessly controlled LED high-bays are the wave of the future.

Eco-Shift’s clients include Mattel, ThyssenKrupp, and Parmalat. In June, Eco-Shift launched its Highbay LED Fixture, which is also available with the company’s networked light management system.

Sharp Manufacturing Company of America is a division of Sharp Electronics. Sharp recently made news when it launched its SmartStorage energy system, and signed a multi-year purchase agreement with Ideal Power whereby Sharp will use Ideal Power’s 30 kW battery converter in its SmartStorage systems.


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