EcoSmart Meant Big Savings

January 3, 2014 By William Opalka

CrownePlazaAfter a few months trial, the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York installed an energy management system that led to annual savings that topped six figures. A case study documents the dramatic change in the hotel’s energy use and customer feedback.

The Crowne Plaza replaced existing thermostats with Telkonet’s ZigBee-enabled EcoWave thermostat, which include an EcoAir display thermostat and an EcoSource HVAC control unit. The EcoAir and EcoSource communicate wirelessly, allowing for flexibility in selecting the location of the thermostat and easy installation.

To enabler remote monitoring and control of the HVAC system in each guestroom, the EcoWave thermostats connect wirelessly to a robust property-wide network. Telkonet’s cloud-based EcoCentral Virtual Engineer command center aggregates and processes room-by-room data to assist a facility manager in dispatching maintenance personnel more effectively and responding remotely to temperature change requests.

The Crowne Plaza Times Square installed EcoSmart in 795 rooms. Implementation of the energy management system reduced HVAC equipment runtime by 24 percent as well as providing annual savings of more than $112,000.

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