Ecova Helps Utilities Reach Small, Medium-Sized Businesses

May 8, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

EcovaEcova added the Building Analytics Module to its Efficiency Platform to drive energy efficiency programs in the small-to-medium business market. The module analyzes customer-specific data and compares it to industry and peer benchmarks. Ecova will use it to deliver energy savings for customers via their utilities.

The Building Analytics Module analyzes utility data to identify customers with large savings opportunities. Building-specific data is compared to industry benchmarks, so the business can see how it is performing against its peers and what energy efficiency opportunities are available.

Ecova then engages directly with identified customers on behalf of the utility and provides personalized recommendations for energy savings and facilitates the installation of qualified equipment through local contractors. These projects are augmented over time as the relationship with the customer progresses and Ecova learns more about the building and its operations through the module.

Diane Levin who manages Ecova’s commercial and industrial practice says, “Providing site specific information in the commercial market is complex. Unlike the residential market where consumption patterns are fairly consistent, small- to medium-businesses have great variation in use. The energy model in Ecova’s Building Analytics Module is customized for particular building types and characteristics. As Ecova becomes more engaged with a customer, we can further refine these characteristics, and provide further definition of energy saving opportunities.”

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