EMAT Adds Energy Auditing to its Lineup

April 13, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

EMATEfficient Mobile Audit Technology (EMAT) rolled out its EMAT Audit Services, providing companies with energy audits by certified energy engineers.

EMAT, which launched in October 2014, has been offering energy audit software. EMAT uses tablet-to-cloud functionality and can identify potential energy savings projects and perform the required analysis of cost savings, payback period and ROI. EMAT has been used for over four million square feet of energy audits nationwide, says the company.

The company’s move to include professional services was prompted by both industry requests and the ebb and flow of the energy audit workforce demands. EMAT’s software is being used in significantly-sized facilities by large engineering and energy services companies that require a surge in workforce. EMAT Audit Services alleviates a company’s need to hire-up for a large energy audit project, only to turn-around and downsize their workforce when the project is complete.

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