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EMC Secures $450,000 in Incentives to Conduct Lighting Retrofits for Ohio Businesses

June 16, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

EMC Energy ManageEnergy Management Collaborative (EMC), a provider of energy efficient lighting, was awarded $450,000 in incentives through the AEP Ohio Bid4efficiency Program, which provides funding for retrofit projects to replace outdated T12 fluorescent lighting in industrial and commercial buildings in Ohio.

The Bid4efficiency program targets manufacturers and commercial consumers located in Ohio that seek ways to reduce energy spending by 25 percent or more. EMC says the program is ideal for those with square footage exceeding 100,000, who wouldn’t benefit from custom and prescriptive incentives, which are capped at $25,000.

EMC handles the incentives process as part of the overall project management it provides.

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