Emergency Lighting Panel Draws from Standard Lighting Fixtures

October 2, 2012 By Linda Hardesty

Emergency egress lighting is something commercial facility managers must consider in terms of operational processes, code compliance, cost efficiency and sustainability.Targeting facility managers, Schneider Electric has introduced its Emergency Lighting Control Panelboards, offering a centralized, self-contained solution for emergency egress lighting control. The factory-assembled circuit breaker panelboard combines the circuit breaker and automatic load control relays to centralize control in the equipment closet, allowing facilities to use standard lighting fixtures and lighting controls for emergency egress lighting.

An on-board test button for each circuit allows testing of the entire system at the panelboard. A patented “switch test” provides easy diagnostics and decrease maintenance time.

When normal power is lost, all control devices are bypassed automatically to the emergency lighting power source. Controls on the circuit automatically return to normal as normal power is restored. Shared standard and emergency egress lighting fixtures allow facility managers to reduce energy waste and costs as well as streamline operations.

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