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Enacto Energy Management Allows Site Comparisons

April 17, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Elster Energy has launched Enacto, an action-orientated approach to energy monitoring and management that permits all staff across commercial and retail businesses to participate in energy management.

Enacto guides and assists in swiftly detecting and analyzing energy waste and suggests corrective actions. Enacto also supports accessing energy data from anywhere at any time, empowering staff to become the energy manager at their own site or store.

Employees can track and benchmark the energy performance of their site against multiple locations in their region. A wide selection of benchmark criteria is available including comparison of similar-sized locations, or comparing performance against previous years. The energy manager can also compare energy efficiency against multiple normalization parameters such as the store size or outside temperature. Factoring out the impact of such variables as unusual weather can enable an accurate view of energy efficiency savings.

Elster Energy’s Actionable Energy Intelligence features a near real-time dashboard that consolidates information from building management and asset control systems. Users can quickly determine the reason for a change in their energy consumption from refrigeration to lighting control, and Enacto can immediately translate this information into how much it has cost the business.

Enacto has the ability to identify a defect and if maintenance is required, for example if a freezer’s energy consumption has gone up due to an electrical fault, Enacto can reveal important insights into asset lifecycle as well as giving visibility to energy efficiency.

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