Energy Consumption Adapted to Occupant Behaviors

January 27, 2014 By William Opalka

ameresco logoAmeresco subsidiary Seldera has launched a new technology-based tool to provide low-cost energy savings by adapting the building consumption to occupant behaviors.

Seldera’s new offering, Building Dynamics, uses a wireless sensing technology to audit energy usage in buildings. The system correlates building occupancy patterns with energy consumption to identify savings opportunities. Wireless sub-meters and sensors analyze building consumption, which is adapted to avoid waste.

Building Dynamics continuously models human behavior inside the buildings to help make intelligent energy decisions. It conducts audit, behavior analysis, process analysis and customizable controls. The tool is installed in a single visit, and can work together with the existing building automation systems. The application is particularly effective in rapidly changing environments such as university campuses.

In a recent pilot project in a 46,000-square foot commercial office building in Norwich, CT, in collaboration with the Norwich Public utilities, Seldera demonstrated 18 percent (nearly $38,000 to-date) in savings from operational changes driven by occupant behaviors.

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