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Energy Efficiency Financing for Small, Midsized Projects

October 30, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Energy Manage Joule Assets logoJoule Assets is offering financing products for energy efficiency contractors and their customers who are looking to initiate small-to-midsized HVAC, controls systems and lighting projects.

Joule Assets’ Energy Reduction Assets financing includes Energy Reduction Service Agreements (ERSAs) and direct loans.

Joule Assets says its market analysis software in demand response and energy efficiency will uncover additional revenue streams and conditional cash flows that are inaccessible to traditional financing entities to unlock the potential of the small to midsize market.

Financing product features may include: no-upfront payment, performance guarantees, performance guarantee insurance and off balance sheet treatment. Joule’s products are also able to leverage flexible collection methods including on-bill repayment (OBR).

Although small to midsize energy efficiency projects represent a substantial portion of the overall energy efficiency market, large investment houses such as Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs often aren’t interested in smaller projects, even “small” multimillion-dollar projects, preferring large bundled assets, instead.

Energy Reduction Assets financing is designed to mitigate performance and credit risks that have hindered financing for small-to-midsize energy efficiency projects under $10 million.

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