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Energy Efficiency Grows Long in Tooth for Some States

Linda Hardesty

ACEEE Energy Manage

Texas was the first state to set efficiency targets, also called an energy efficiency resource standard (EERS), in 1999. Since then, 26 states in the country have followed suit, setting long term targets designed to spur electricity and natural gas savings, according to a new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

The report “Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: A New Progress Report on State Experience” finds that many states are approaching the final years of their EERS targets. With energy efficiency helping to allay the need for new power plants, many of them will likely extend their target timeframes. However several states are facing political pushback to EERS policies.

It will take a unified push by stakeholders to ensure that EERS policies continue, says ACEEE.

In Indiana, legislators recently passed a bill, terminating energy efficiency programs and eliminating the state’s EERS.

State lawmakers in Ohio are considering legislation that would freeze the state’s energy efficiency targets and eliminate the need for further energy efficiency programs.

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