Energy Efficiency Program Saves Manufacturers More than $500K

June 23, 2014 By Karen Henry

green-factories-energy-manageMore than 250 manufacturing stakeholders came together June 3 at the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) NextGen-M Energy Forum in Timonium, Md., to learn about its new energy-efficiency program, which was launched last fall. Participants heard directly from the first 12 companies that are participating.

Before Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) engaged RMI, for example, it was spending $140,000 annually on energy. Over the course of six months, MAPC has committed to energy upgrades that will cut that spending by a third.

Participants involved in RMI’s energy-efficiency program must agree to commit to a six-month program that provides $30,000 worth of services. RMI engineering experts audit each participant’s facility and present findings and recommendations to management. RMI management consultants then help to establish green teams to help firms become more energy efficient and hold executive leadership meetings to share best practices on lessons learned from each company in the program.

Establishing green teams has been very successful in helping companies’ bottom lines, RMI said.

For example, while Green Bay Packaging, which was involved in RMI’s 2012 pilot energy effort, only decreased its KW usage by one percent, it increased its production by 20 percent through new business growth.

The 12 featured firms are on a path to collectively implement annual electrical savings of 5,360 MWh, an annual summer demand savings of 1.2 MW and annual cost savings of $597,000.

RMI is currently recruiting its fourth group of six companies.

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