Healthcare Network Consolidates IT, Saves $176,500 Annually

July 7, 2014 By Karen Henry

LAC+USC_Medical_Center_2011-energy-manageAn initiative to streamline processes and reduce energy use at the LAC+USC Healthcare Network in Los Angeles, Calif., will result in cost savings of $176,500 annually, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates as reported by a Government Technology article.

The EPA recently awarded the healthcare organization an Energy Star Certificate for its efforts to reduce energy and adopt green technology.

To reduce energy use, the healthcare network made the LAC+USC Medical Center its main IT hub, rather than its previous practice of having each of its four hospitals and 19-plus clinics procure their own PCs and run their own data centers.

To complete the IT transition, the LAC+USC Medical Center data center was expanded, and old computers were replaced with newer, energy-efficient models. Each new desktop computer saved almost 25 W over previous models, and new laptop computers saved 7 W each. Because many of its staff members tended to leave their computers and monitors on at night, the medical center also implemented sleep modes on all new computers, which automatically shut down PCs after five minutes of non-use.

The world’s 14 billion online electronic devices—such as laptops, PCs, modems, printers, game consoles and set-top boxes—waste around $80 billion each year because of inefficient technology, according to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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