Energy-Efficiency Projects Save AT&T $191M

June 27, 2014 By Karen Henry

att-energy-manageAT&T realized more than $191 million in energy savings between 2010–2013 by implementing more than 18,000 energy-efficiency projects, according to its recently released 2013 Annual Update. The company took a three-pronged approach to its energy-savings efforts: company-wide energy efficiency initiatives, collaboration and alternative energy.

As a part of its company-wide energy policy, AT&T focused on network and facility energy-efficiency projects. Regional leads and “energy champions” were appointed to engage in local project execution. Its 2,000 largest energy-consuming sites kept energy scorecards, which were reviewed quarterly to monitor performance and drive improvement.

As a part of its collaborative efforts, AT&T became an inaugural member of Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI) Portfolio RetroFit Challenge, which focused on identifying and sharing broadly applicable facility efficiency techniques. In addition, AT&T hosted fellows from the Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps, who worked with the company on lighting sensor and free air-cooling projects, as well as energy data analysis. AT&T also joined Retrofit Chicago’s Commercial Building’s Initiative to reduce energy use at its downtown Chicago facility.

In addition, the company made a number of investments in alternative energy. It deployed 847 kW of solar capacity at two sites in New Jersey and 7.9 MW of fuel cell capacity at 11 sites in California and five sites in Connecticut. Ten percent of the electricity consumption AT&T’s facilities in Austin, Texas, is purchased through Austin Energy’s GreenChoice alternative energy program.

By the end of 2013, AT&T had reduced it electricity consumption relative to data growth by 64 percent.

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