Energy Efficiency Retrofit Was Costly, But Worth It

March 9, 2015 By Linda Hardesty


Aque Investment Group, a Texas-based owner and operator of over 1 million square feet of multi-tenant office space, engaged Climatec to diagnose an HVAC system at one of its properties.

Climatec identified the problem and the solution, which required getting the building’s mechanical systems under control and retrofitting the internal actuated variable air volume (VAV) boxes to direct digital control. Unfortunately, the solution cost almost 10 times the original $25,000 estimate. However, the solution was projected to save Aque over $120,000 per year.

To get Aque Investment Group to move forward, Climatec partnered with Noesis as a third-party investment advisor. Using Noesis, Climatec was able to create an Efficiency Business Proposal, translating the “energy math” into a project investment summary for Aque and also including financing options.

Aque moved forward with the project and although the work is only halfway complete, Aque’s energy bill had already decreased by $12,000 a month – exceeding estimates by 20 percent.

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