Energy Efficiency Standard Created for Industrial Power Supplies

October 27, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Ecova Energy ManageEcova has created an 80 PLUS certification for 115V industrial power supplies, physical units that power industrial applications by converting AC power into DC power. The new certification encourages greater energy efficiency in the industrial market by recognizing and rewarding manufacturers that achieve a premium efficiency rating.

The 80 PLUS program created its first specification nearly a decade ago to promote and increase adoption of the most energy-efficient technology products. There are currently more than 250 companies that manufacture 80 PLUS power supplies for computers, data center servers, data storage, networking and now industrial applications.

The 80 PLUS certification requires industrial power supplies to be 80 percent energy efficient or greater. These industrial power supplies refer to those used for medical and instrumentation purposes, industrial and building controls and automation, test and measurement applications, or for any other system that depends on sophisticated electronics. The power supply units can be any physical form and the certifications are available in silver, gold and platinum badges.

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) recently commissioned a study by Ecova and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), which found that industrial power supplies typically operate at only 26 percent of their rated power and at those levels especially, there was a significant opportunity to improve operating efficiency.

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, a manufacturer of power conversion and embedded computing systems, is the first to achieve the Silver level 80 PLUS certification for its model, ADN20-24-1PM-C, which is used for large-scale industrial applications, such as semiconductor fabrication and conveyer systems.

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