Energy Management Installed at Manhattan Hotel

March 18, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

WiSuite completed implementation of its WiSuite Intelligent Network energy management system in all 189 rooms of the Marriott’s Courtyard New York Manhattan/Fifth Avenue property.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates annual energy costs to be $2,196 per room across the country’s 47,000 hotel properties; that’s 6 percent of a property’s operating costs, says WiSuite.

The WiSuite real-time property management interface connects with any hotel’s property management system, empowering hotel management to automatically reduce energy consumption in vacant rooms.

Besides vacant rooms, WiSuite says industry data show that 50-70 percent of booked rooms are unoccupied during daytime hours. On a room-to-room level, dynamic links between the WiStat-SS Smart Screen thermostats and property HVAC systems help property engineers to extract additional savings from booked but unoccupied rooms in a manner transparent to guests.

One comment on “Energy Management Installed at Manhattan Hotel

  1. This story proves, once again, that using-more-energy-than-is-needed-to-get-the-job-done is a management problem, not a technology problem. Media releases from guest-room energy control systems companies 25 years ago said exactly the same thing as this one. What nneds to change so we are not reading the same media releases 25 years from now? The answer: management.

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