Energy Management Saves UTA $3.8M in Utility Costs

October 13, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

TD energy manageTDIndustries’ new energy management program and data tracking technology has enabled The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) to save $3.8 million in utility costs over a 34-month period; beginning March 2011 thru December 2013.

UTA engaged TDIndustries to prepare a preliminary energy assessment and a utility assessment to present a business case to The University of Texas System for approval.

TD proposed a self-funded financial approach through the use of a guaranteed energy savings contract.

The $9.9 million UTA project was led by TD’s engineering design team, construction and services groups, and included a comprehensive energy management program with:

  • Continuous commissioning of the two thermal energy plant’s operations and building HVAC systems
  • Replacement of existing VAV boxes
  • Upgrades to air handling units with high efficiency motors
  • Replacement of two thermal energy plant chillers
  • Upgrades to campus building roofs
  • Replacement of domestic hot water pumps, and
  • Installation of thermal energy plant cooling tower fan motor VFDs, steam boiler and lab exhaust control systems.

To date, energy usage has decreased by 34,373,266 kWh. Of the $3.8 million in cost savings, more than $445,000 from the two thermal energy plants can be attributed to TD’s Continuous Energy Oversight team using the company’s licensed cloud based utiliVisor application and service.

TD says that based on the energy savings data it is tracking, the project will have paid for itself within four years.

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