Energy Management System Piloted in 5 EU Countries

November 24, 2014 By Karen Henry

TEDS4BEE Energy ManageA digital energy management system is being piloted in 16 public buildings in five European countries as part of the Test of Digital Services for Building Energy Efficiency (TEDS4BEE).

With a budget of nearly $5 million, TEDS4BEE was created in 2013 as a part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Program (CIP), which ran in the European Union (EU) from 2007–2013. The goal of TEDS4BEE is to reduce energy consumption in public buildings by 15–30 percent. To achieve this goal, an Energy Management and Monitoring Operational System (EMMOS) Digital Service has been deployed in 16 public buildings in five European geographic clusters: Iberian, Italian, Serbian, British and Irish, and Polish.

EMMOS monitors energy consumption and forecasts energy usage and cost models for buildings. Predictions are based on pre-established guidelines and models, analyzing, among other things, profitability and efficiency of investments aimed at reducing energy costs.

The five clusters where EMMOS deployment will take place represent a variety of building typologies and uses and climatology. This variety of partners and buildings will result in a comprehensive set of test cases that should help to accelerate the adoption of the technology in other buildings.

EMMOS will facilitate building managers and energy service companies to identify energy efficiency improvement actions and will help local authorities to define better energy policies, according to information on the TEDS4BEE website.

Another European initiative, the Bricker Project, is retrofitting three public buildings in Europe in three different climate zones: Spain, Belgium and Turkey.

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