Energy Management Works with Building Scheduling Software

September 29, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Crestron energy manageCrestron released its Fusion 10 enterprise building management software, which provides room utilization statistics and energy reports, including peak energy consumed in the room.

Crestron Fusion 10 can also gather historical reporting for meetings that were set up even before Crestron Fusion 10 was installed. If meeting rooms were selected using popular calendar programs such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar, the new backfill functionality in Crestron Fusion 10 can retrieve data such as room utilization, top organizers, and meeting duration and then incorporate it into reports.

The latest version of Fusion EM, the energy management component of Crestron Fusion 10, includes an enhanced calendaring interface that enables facility managers to pre-set building systems operation for weekends, holidays, and special events. With the enhanced Time Clock they can also manage the building calendar separate from the rules that operate the building.

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