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Energy Managers Need to Be Good Communicators, Says Bill Clinton

October 10, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

clinton energy manageFormer President Bill Clinton said at the recent World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) that he believes renewable energy is at a tipping point, similar to the time when cell phones were about to displace land lines.

Eric Woodroof, chairman of the board for the Certified Carbon Reduction Manager interviewed Clinton at WEEC and penned an article for Building’s magazine. Clinton told Woodroof that renewable energy investments have high upfront costs, but steady long-term profits based on the essentially free energy from the sun or wind.

Clinton noted that investment firms are finally getting interested in the 15-30 percent returns from energy efficiency projects, and he touted other financing mechanisms for renewables and energy efficiency, including performance contracting and on-bill repayment.

Clinton said energy managers need to be better communicators and listeners in order to get more energy efficiency projects approved, according to Buildings.

Photo: Bill Clinton via Shutterstock

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