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Energy Managers Not Tapping into Third Party Financing

July 22, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Noesis energy manageAccording to Noesis Energy’ second annual energy projects survey, 48 percent of surveyed energy managers – despite the fact that they said 64 percent of their projects do not get approved because of lack of budget – never include options for third party financing.

For surveyed project developers, 30 percent never include third party financing, 47 percent sometimes include third party financing, and only 23 percent always include it as an option. In summary, many projects are not getting approved because there’s no budget, but those proposing the projects are not offering alternative ways to fund them.

For those who responded that they never include options for third party finance, 56 percent of project developers said it was because they didn’t know enough about it. Conversely, for energy managers, they cited ‘no need’ for not including it, implying they only funded out of internal capital budgets.

In other areas, the second annual survey findings were consistent with last year’s.

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