Energy Ratings Council Forms for Fenestration Attachments

February 2, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

WCMA energy manageThe Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA), in collaboration with the US Department of Energy, has launched the Attachments Energy Ratings Council (AERC).

Fenestration attachments are a way to reduce energy use in buildings. DOE has awarded WCMA cost-shared funding to develop a certification and rating program for residential and commercial fenestration attachment products.

To that end, WCMA has established the AERC, which will design and administer a new energy rating and certification program for the fenestration attachment products. AERC will gather market and technical data that will be used to develop credible rating, certification, labeling, and performance verification procedures that will be adopted by the window attachments industry.

During the next 4 years, the AERC will:

  • Prioritize which product types and performance indices it will produce.
  • Characterize the key material properties of window attachment products (i.e. transmittance, reflectance, and emissivity).
  • Conduct product performance simulations.

One comment on “Energy Ratings Council Forms for Fenestration Attachments

  1. It’s looking like the AERC will be testing a number of window attachment designs for energy effectiveness. Testing will include designs both interior and exterior to the window. The selection criteria for testing designs is said to include “technical merit and market impact”.

    That means products already in the market will enjoy the benefits of third party evaluation whereas emerging designs may not. The market threshold makes sense as consumers are interested in proven products. But, many will also wonder if they are buying best available technology or not.

    This, among other considerations is part of the challenge for the AERC and its rating system mission.

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