Energy Sector in Top 5 for Malware Vulnerability

June 10, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Cisco energy manageThe global energy sector is one of the top five most at-risk industries for malware, according to Cisco.

The energy and oil and gas sectors are facing a malware encounter rate of more than 400 percent, or more than 300 percent higher at risk than the median industry, according to the 2014 Cisco Annual Security Report. Global security threats reached their highest-ever level in 2013.

Threats come from increasingly connected smart devices and also from a company’s IT infrastructure – in the data center and through the cloud.

To mitigate growing cybersecurity threats, Cisco has is expanding its Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Data Center products.

AMP correlates “indications of compromise” data between the network and the endpoint device. AMP and Data Center security also combat “zero-day” attacks on previously unknown vulnerabilities, stealth hacking attempts, and “watering hole” attacks that infect websites that target employees.

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