Enlogic Eyes Data Center Energy Management in North America

June 23, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Enlogic energy manageEnlogic says it has gained a strong foothold in the European and Asia-Pacific markets for data center energy management products and is now ready to help North American data centers increase energy efficiency.

Its line of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), energy meters, locking power cables and environmental sensors are designed to simplify rack management by providing automated real-time threat alerts and capacity and load balancing data for energy use optimization and control.

Eight distribution partners are working with Enlogic, including: Tubbesing Solutions, Integrated Power Systems, PTS Data Center Solutions, Critical Facilities Technology, IIS Group, Critical Components, Solid Networks and EPS.

Enlogic has more than 30 patent applications, with 22 directly related to rack power and environmental management.

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