EPA Releases National Top 100 Green Power Users

July 29, 2014 By Karen Henry

EPATop100Q2014-energy-manageThe US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its National Top 100 Green Power Users with the Green Power Partnership for the second quarter of 2014, and Intel has once again held on to the top spot.

The Green Power Partnership (GPP) works with Fortune 500 companies; local, state and federal governments; and colleges and universities. The top partner rankings highlight the green power use among leading GPPs within the United States and across individual industry sectors.

Whole Foods Market was edged out of the number three spot by Microsoft Corporation, and Kohl’s Department Stores retained its ranking as the second highest green power user in the United States.

Intel also tops the list of 100 percent green power users, followed by Kohl’s and Whole Foods. Intel uses a mix of biogas, biomass, small hydro, solar and wind, whereas Kohl’s relies entirely on solar-generated power, and Whole Foods uses a mix of solar and wind.

Wal-Mart took the number one ranking on the Top 30 On-site Generation list, followed by Apple and the US Department of Energy.

The City of Houston, Texas, claimed the top green power ranking among local governments, followed by the District of Columbia and the City of Austin, Texas.

The combined green power usage of the Top 100 Partners amount to nearly 24 billion kWh annually. Usage figures are based on annualized partner contract amounts (kWh), not calendar year totals.

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