ESP/SurgeX Expands Energy Management Portfolio

June 11, 2014 By Karen Henry

ESP energy-manageESP/SurgeX has partnered with Verdiem to address plug load energy waste problems in commercial buildings. The partnership combines Verdiem’s Surveyor software with ESP/SurgeX power protection technology.

Surveyor allows organizations to centrally enforce energy efficiency polices and manage the power states of distributed PC fleets. It identifies and tracks the usage and energy consumption of desktop PCs and allows IT to control PC power consumption by department, location, device type and employee. In addition to extending enterprise quality wake functionality, Surveyor monitors end user print activity across an entire printer fleet and compiles data that highlights inefficiencies directly related to how end users interact with their print environment.

The software is currently available with ESP Next Gen Power Conditioning System and Digital QC products.

A study on virtual energy assessments conducted with nine Boston buildings found that plug loads represent a significant portion of energy use in commercial buildings and that tenant engagement and plug load reductions are currently under-incentivized by utilities and existing energy efficiency programs.

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