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Exterior LEDs Save Office Center 78% in Energy Usage per Year

June 30, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Stouch Lighting completed an exterior LED lighting retrofit project for Kaiserman Company’s Kevon Office Center in Pennsauken, NJ, which is projected to save the company over $3,600 per year in lighting energy costs.

In addition to the energy savings, Stouch Lighting anticipates the LED lighting retrofit saving Kaiserman an additional $1,100 per year in lighting-maintenance related costs that would have been incurred for replacing failed lamps, ballasts and fixtures in the existing exterior lighting.

Stouch Lighting projects that the total investment, including the new LED lighting fixtures and installation, will provide Kaiserman with a return on its investment within 43 Months.

The retrofit included replacing existing metal halide 400 watt lamps (458 system wattage) with 117 watt LED parking lot fixtures, high pressure sodium 250 watt lamps (312 system wattage) with 45 watt LED parking lot fixtures, and high pressure sodium 250 watt flood lamps (312 system wattage) with 68 watt LED flood light fixtures.

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