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Farmers Should Turn Ag Waste into Energy, Says Professor

March 11, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

farm Energy ManageUniversity of Missouri scientists recommend that farmers use their agricultural waste to create a bioenergy grid.

“Transporting power through power lines to remote, rural areas is very inefficient and can be expensive for farmers and other rural citizens,” said Tom Johnson, the Frank Miller Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

Johnson told the MU News Bureau, “Farmers already have access to a large amount of biomass material left over each year after harvests. If they had access to small biomass power plants, they could become close to self-sustaining in terms of power.”

Photo: Farm via Shutterstock

One comment on “Farmers Should Turn Ag Waste into Energy, Says Professor

  1. Makes a lot of sense. It could climate change proof the agricultural sector and provide justification for not turning the land over to other uses when it is required to supply power to the farms and possibly the surrounding towns. Why we are still wasting a valuable energy producing resource is anyones guess.

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