Fed Publishes Resources to Assist Solar Growth

September 22, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

SunShot-homepage-graphic-update-hThe White House announced several new resources – from websites to reports – to promote solar energy as follows:

The Department of Energy is launching Solar Powering America to provide access to a wide range of federal resources to drive solar deployment. The website will also be used to highlight and track private sector commitments to install distributed solar.

DOE released an updated Guide to Federal Financing for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Deployment. This guide will highlight financing programs located in various federal agencies, such as the Treasury, HUD, and USDA, which can be used for energy efficiency and clean energy projects.

The Solar Foundation, A SunShot Initiative partner, released a report exploring how US schools are using solar to lower their energy costs.

The DOE and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory released three new studies showing that the cost of solar energy continues to fall across all sectors, which indicates that initiatives targeting soft costs are starting to work. In 2013 alone, the installed price of commercial and residential solar declined by more than 12 percent.

The White House will host a roundtable discussion in October on how to facilitate increased capital flows into the solar market through measures such as the collection of performance data and the standardization of contracts and risk assessment tools.

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