Federal Efforts to Drive Energy Efficiency in Commercial & Residential Buildings

July 15, 2013 By Paul Nastu

Discussion of federal efforts to drive energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings from The Appraisal Foundation.

One comment on “Federal Efforts to Drive Energy Efficiency in Commercial & Residential Buildings

  1. Great presentation.
    Most of these commercial and industrial buildings have a chimney poking out of their roof and even though Increased Natural Gas Energy Efficiency was not mentioned it can make a big difference in the buildings Energy Efficiency score.

    What other energy source Consumed Efficiently will reduce as much in Global Warming and CO2 Emissions as what can be achieved by Increasing Natural Gas Energy Efficiency?

    Natural gas consumed efficiently vents COOL exhaust into the atmosphere, not Hot.
    Natural gas can be consumed so efficiently that the WATER can be recovered from these combusted exhaust gases.
    Have you ever seen Combusted Natural Gas Irrigate the Lawns and Flower Beds?
    This is How Efficiently America must learn to consume it’s natural gas if we are going to really help in the battle of Climate Change.
    Don’t Waste It ~ Use It!

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