FIFA World Cup Stadium Installs Solar Modules

March 26, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Yingli Energy ManageChina-based Yingli Green Energy Holding Company, a photovoltaic module manufacturer, has supplied 1 MW of solar panels to Grupo Neoenergia of Brazil to deliver electricity to Arena Pernambuco, the site of five 2014 FIFA World Cup matches.

The ground-mount system is located on 15,000 square meters of land next to the stadium. The project contains more than 3,650 monocrystalline PANDA Series panels.

The system is projected to generate more than 1,500 MWh annually. It will meet thirty percent of Arena Pernambuco’s electricity demand. When the stadium is not in use, the solar energy will be delivered to the local community’s electricity grid through Brazil’s net energy metering program.

Visitors to the stadium will be able to track the system’s performance at a Visitor’s Center designed to educate the public about solar energy. Additionally, solar generation and weather monitoring stations will support solar energy research and development.

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