Fifth Public Comment Period Opens for LEED Version 4

October 4, 2012 By Linda Hardesty

The US Green Building Council has opened the fifth and final public comment period for the proposed update to its LEED green building program.The comment period, which will close on Dec. 10, enables the building community to view the most recent draft of the rating systems and provide comments where any substantive changes have been made.

LEED v4 allocates nearly 20 percent of all points to optimizing energy performance over the ASHRAE 90.1-2010, which would do more to help curb CO2 emissions than any LEED rating system in its 12 year history, according to the USGBC.

The Green Building Council will launch the LEED v4 beta testing period in November with plans for full launch in 2013. The beta process enables project teams to engage with a pre-ballot version of LEED v4 with guided support from USGBC.

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