First High Color Rendering LED Lamps Launched

January 27, 2014 By William Opalka

Soraa logo Energy ManageSoraa’s GaN on GaN™ (gallium nitride on gallium nitride) LED technology is now available in a line of high color and white rendering, high light output LED GU10 230V dimmable lamps.

The company’s continuous full visible spectrum Soraa Vivid 2 LED GU10 lamps, with a CRI of 95 and R9 greater than 90, render deep reds and cyans, and have no artificial spectral “blue-peak.”

Soraa’s GaN on GaN™ LEDs have high light density, emitting 10 times more light per unit area of LED material than LEDs built on lower quality foreign substrates.

Soraa’s new LED GU10 lamps are available in a wide range of light output, beam angles and color temperatures. Soraa’s Premium 2 LED GU10 10o lamp has a peak intensity of 7760Cd and 2420Cd for the 25o option—twice that of halogen. The LED GU10 lamps are available in 10o, 25o, 36o, and 60o beam angles and 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures.


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