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Flare Gas Captured, Used to Power Drilling Rigs

September 11, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

oil rig energy manageA joint venture between GE and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels announced the expansion of a pilot project to capture flare gas and use it to power up to six of Statoil’s drill rigs and one frac fleet in North Dakota.

Statoil, which is involved in oil and gas exploration, has been trialing the Last Mile Fueling pilot project for about eight months near Watford City, ND. Statoil is moving into full commercial adoption of the GE and Ferus joint venture technology.

Last Mile Fueling captures natural gas that would otherwise be flared and uses it instead to assist power for the same oil and gas operation. The captured natural gas is being used in place of diesel in Statoil’s drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.

Emerging oil fields such as North Dakota’s Bakken often lack the pipeline infrastructure to store and transport the natural gas produced along with oil. As a result, operators are flaring off up to 30 percent of the associated natural gas produced in the Bakken field alone.

GE and Ferus NGF also are in discussions with the other major players in the Bakken region about using the Last Mile system for their operations.

Photo: Oil and gas rig via Shutterstock


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