Flow Meter Reduces Plant HVAC Boiler Fuel Consumption

April 14, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

boilerThe advanced ST98 Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International optimizes the fuel-to-air ratio for boiler control in plant HVAC systems.

Carefully monitoring the natural gas flow of plant HVAC system boilers minimizes fuel consumption, lowers plant energy costs and reduces emissions. The natural gas flow measurement provided by the ST98 flow meter allows facility engineers to monitor and control the precise amount of fuel needed to run HVAC boilers efficiently.

The ST98 flow meter’s thermal mass flow sensor design provides direct mass flow measurement without the need for additional temperature or pressure sensors or density calculating devices. Its insertion style configuration makes the ST98 meter simple to install in existing piping without cutting the pipe or welding.

The ST98 flow meter is suitable for service in plant natural gas and numerous other process gases, hydrocarbon mixed or dirty gases, biogases including methane, and plant compressed air and HVAC systems.

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