Ford Dealership Reduces Lighting Fixtures by 56%

March 10, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

CGE Energy manageThe owner of Royal Oak Ford of Southeast Michigan wanted to reduce energy costs while improving lighting at four car sales and rental lots. CGE Energy surveyed the existing lighting layout and designed a lighting system capable of rendering more light output while reducing the total number of lighting fixtures in use by 56 percent, bringing the total number of fixtures from 168 to 94.

The new fixtures, using energy-efficient Cree LED lighting, have reduced lighting energy use by 71 percent, saving the dealership $3,461 a month in energy and maintenance costs. These savings along with a $20,800 rebate will save the dealership nearly half a million dollars over the next 10 years, says CGE Energy.

Royal Oak Ford also joined CGE Energy’s R.A.M.P. lighting maintenance program. CGE Energy will cover the upkeep of all parking lot fixtures as well as 50,000 square feet of interior showroom.

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  1. Please tell us how much it cost to do upgrade. I think that you should always include costs otherwise the information is not complete. If it cost $1mm to save $38,000/yr, few will follow; if $100,000, we should all do it.

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