Fort Collins, CO, to Mandate Utility Cost Disclosure

August 8, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk


Photo: Morguefile

Fort Collins, CO, soon will flip the switch on its Building Energy Scoring and Disclosure program. The Coloradoan says that the program will provide people looking for apartments and houses with a better idea of what they will pay in utility bills.

The sign that the program is about to go live is that the city council has agreed to fund a director position. That person will have a yearly salary of $89,000. The program will be based on a scoring system that uses a 1 to 10 system that compares the utility costs of a building to others on the market. The director’s position, according to the story, will become officially available next month.

This spring, Orlando, FL, legislators were reported to be considering making the owners of large buildings publicly report their energy and water use.

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