Fraunhofer Retrofits Center for Sustainable Energy

June 16, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

FraunhoferThe German non-profit Fraunhofer Gesellschaft opened its newly renovated 100-year-old building in Boston. The retrofit cost $27 million, and the building now houses Fraunhofer’s Center for Sustainable Energy Systems.

The center uses 50 percent less energy than if the building used the bare minimum in energy efficiency technology, according to Kurt Roth, the director of the center’s building energy technologies division, who spoke to the Boston Business Journal.

Energy efficiency technologies in the building include:

  • Radiant-floor heating and cooling
  • Reflective roofing material to save energy in summer
  • Lighting sensors from Boston-based Digital Lumens
  • A energy saving ThyssenKrupp Elevator that also generates power for the six-story building.

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