GasDecEngine Prototypes Micro CHP Steam Engine

July 3, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

GDE energy manageNorwegian startup GasDecEngine Technology (GDE) has developed a micro-combined heat and power (micro CHP) steam engine to provide efficient energy on location. GDE launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $150,000 by August 3 to combine with a $180,000 government grant to build a market prototype.

GDE says the design of the micro CHP will allow small businesses to lower their energy costs, and that micro CHP steam engines could be substituted for the millions of inefficient boilers replaced each year.

Rather than piping energy through electrical grids, which lose energy during transference, micro CHPs are placed on location and both create energy and capture their own exhaust to use as a heat source. In addition to creating energy efficiently, micro CHPs also produce excess electricity, which can be sold back to electricity providers in many markets.

The crowdfunding campaign will help build a demo CHP expected to be ready for public presentation by June 2015.

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