GBI Says It’s ‘Equal to LEED’

October 17, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Green Building InitiativeThe Green Building Initiative (GBI) hailed the new US Department of Energy ruling, which states that in cases where federal agencies choose to use green building certification systems to meet federal sustainability and energy standards, they must choose a system that verifies enhanced energy and water efficiency within guidelines set out by the new rule.

The rule recommends that new federal buildings and major renovations achieve the equivalent level of two Green Globes if they decide to pursue a green building certification.

In addition, DOE’s rule says rating systems used by the federal government must, among other criteria:

  • Allow assessors and auditors to independently verify the criteria and measurement metrics of the system;
  • Be developed by a certification organization that: (i) provides an opportunity for public comment on the system; and (ii) provides an opportunity for development and revision of the system through a consensus-based process;
  • Be nationally recognized within the building industry.

Jerry Yudelson, President of the Green Building Initiative, which provides the Green Globes system to the US building industry, said, “This ruling confirms what we have been saying for the past year, that the Green Globes system is equal in every way to the LEED system, for the purpose of rating federal building projects.

Green Globes uses the services of independent assessors and utilizes the ANSI national consensus process for developing its Green Globes tools for new construction and major renovations.

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